Neha, a Social Media Marketer with a passion for Digital Marketing & Technology

Let’s meet Neha from Mauritius, whose dream is to excel in her career goals & inspire women all over the world.

Neha, a Social Media Marketer with a passion for Digital Marketing & Technology

Name: Neha Gunnoo

Age: 22

Native Language: Creole

Country (and city) of origin: Mauritius

Describe it in one word: Paradise

Country (and city) of residence: The same


Countries/cities you have visited

Not yet!


Countries/cities you dream to visit

Spain, Greece, London, Australia & New York


The best place you have ever been?

Any place in Nature in Mauritius is heaven.


What is your job/activity? Why did you choose it?

I am a Social Media Marketer. I choosed it because I have a passion for Digital Marketing & Technology.

Neha 2

What’s your biggest dream?

To excel in my career goals & inspire women all over the world.


How do you spend your free time?

My free time is spent reading my books, blogging, writing & pampering my doggy!


What do you usually do on Saturday night?

It depends. If there’s a party for a close friend or relative, then am up to it! Else, it’s my books or my movies.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

When I pretended to be someone else!


According to your own point of view, what is the most important thing in life?

We should do only the things which makes us happy.


Which is the world you use more frequently while speaking? What does it mean for you?

It means that the universe loves us & we already have everything inside and around us to tackle any bad situations with a positive attitude


Describe yourself in 10 words:

I’m a happy-going woman. I’m universe girl!


How to contact Neha:

Facebook: Neha Barnitude
Twitter: @NehaGunnoo
Linkedin: Neha Cunnoo


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