Monika: I dream location-independence and love freedom

Points of view is a column dealing with people from different countries and cultures answering the same questions. The purpose? Discovering how dreams and priorities can change depending on a different perspective. Let’s start with Monika!


Name: Monika

Age: 25 (born in 1990)

Native Language: Polish

Country (and city) of origin: Milanówek, Poland

Describe it in one word: Green

Country (and city) of residence: Casablanca, Morocco

Describe it in one word: Chaotic


Countries/cities you have visited

Almost all European countries, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey


Countries/cities you dream to visit

I have been dreaming of going to:

  • Iceland because it is such an untapped and virgin country!
  • Senegal because I love its music and food, plus I have heard the beaches are stunning
  • Sweden and Norway because I like Skandinavian design and I’d like to go to such organized countries
  • Japan I love sushi! And I’d love to see how people are – I have heard they are very kind, clean and organized
  • New Zealand for the nature
  • Portugal because all of my friends loved it and recommended it to me. I also love the way Portugese sounds and I truly love fado music.


The best place you have ever been?

It’s hard to say – every place I have been to is somehow unique! It also depends on what you like. I love organized countries, I really loved London, or rather England in general. I have been there 5 times already and each trip to the UK makes me like ohhh.

What is your job/activity? Why did you choose it?

I am a hyper type of a person, I can’t stand still and do the same boring tasks all over again. I’ve had tens of different jobs! Normally I am an ESL teacher. I used to be a dance instructor too, I organize events. I worked in marketing, customer service and more.

I am aspiring to be a professional blogger soon, I sometimes write and teach too. These are the things that I love and when I work like this, it doesn’t feel like work!


What’s your biggest dream?

Be fully location independent for a lifetime and work from different places in the world. I hate being said what to do, listening to supervisors and just doing copy-paste kind of tasks.


How do you spend your free time?

When I am not at work, I blog! I also love to explore my city or travel. I like to go the rooftops, see abandoned buildings, sit somewhere and enjoy the nature.


What do you usually do on Saturday night?

Haha, if you ask the 18-year-old me I’d say: party! Now I am totally not into going out, I’d rather stay in my bed learning about online marketing, writing, doing anything blog-related!


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Depends on what you define as “crazy”. My friends tell me that it was very courageous and crazy of me to go to an unknown country and start organizing events there and living.


According to your own point of view, what is the most important thing in life?

Freedom. Having the possibility to take decisions on your own, not being forced by anyone.


Which is the world you use more frequently while speaking? What does it mean for you?

(The word you mean?) Oh there are many, I am too hyper to pay attention to every word I say. I guess that recently all you can hear from me would be “travel” “blog” and “social media” 🙂


Describe yourself in 10 words:

Oh that’s a lot! Haha. Free. Rebel. Conscious. Hyper. Curious. Explorer. Foodie. Earthling. Global Citizen.


How to contact Monika:

Blogs: and
Twitter: @monikamizinska
Insta: @monikamizinska
Facebook: bewilderedinmorocoo; blogwce


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